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Problems with fast startup

Fast Startup:
The fast startup was introduced with Windows 8. It exists therefore also in Windows 10. The fast startup is enabled by default. When Windows is shut down and the fast startup is enabled, the current state (Windows kernel, loaded drivers, disk cache with opened files) is saved in the file C:\hiberfil.sys. When you start Windows the next time this file is loaded directly into memory without executing the respective programs separately.

The memory image in the file C:\hiberfil.sys must match the data stored on the disk. If you boot another system the data stored on the disk might get changed.

  • If Windows does not notice that another system was booted in-between then data loss might occur easily.
  • On the other hand if Windows detects that another system was booted in-between, then Windows runs CHKDSK to make sure there are no inconsistencies on the disk.

The above problems can be avoided by disabling the fast startup.