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Administrator rights under Vista and Windows 7/8/10

Starting with Vista Microsoft has changed the user rights management. These changes also apply to Windows 7/8/10. Even if a user is logged on as administrator programs started by this user are running without administrator rights by default.

Programs may contain a manifest which requests administrator rights or the user may start the program by "run as administrator". In both cases Windows shows the User Account Control to inform the user that the program requests administrator rights. Only after the user has approved this request the program gets started with administrator rights.

Beginning with version 3.6.0 the program Boot-US (GUI) can be started directly by a double click. The program contains now in the embedded manifest the request for administrator rights. Hence it is not necessary any more to start the program by right clicking and selecting "run as administrator".

Also the command-line version of Boot-US requires administrator rights. This can be achieved most easily by starting it from a command-line window having administrator rights. Another possibility is to start the program by the tool "runas" under an administrative user.