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Basic questions about Boot-US

Does Boot-US work under a 64 bit Windows?
The answer is yes. The configuration program Boot-US exists as a WIN32 and a WIN64 version. Boot-US does not work under the very old 16 bit Windows like Windows 3.x.

Explanation of version numbers
The first two digits of the version number of Boot-US represents the version of the accompanying boot manager. The third digit counts the fix levels of a certain version. Each time when the data structure for storing the configured partitions inside the boot manager is changed, a new version number is assigned to the boot manager. For example, the version number 1.2.2 of Boot-US tells you that three versions -- 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 -- of the boot manager were created. A higher version of Boot-US always understands (reads) all previous versions of the boot manager. When you upgrade Boot-US it is therefore not required to uninstall the boot manager before.

What is a trace file?
A trace file contains a protocol of the important function calls. The trace output is built by the developer into the program. The developer has specified the important function calls to be traced. The trace file is mainly a means for problem determination. In case of problems one can see which function calls were executed on the client machine. From the trace file the problem is either identified directly or at least one can obtain hints about the cause of the problem. Inside Boot-US the trace output can be activated by the menu command Configuration / Settings....

How do I install the license?
The license for Boot-US is delivered in form of a license file bootus.lic. This license file must be copied (unchanged!) into the installation directory of Boot-US. The file name must be bootus.lic. When Boot-US finds a valid license file at start-up in the installation directory all features of Boot-US are enabled.

Inside Boot-US it can be easily verified whether a valid license is installed. Firstly, the window's title changes from "Boot-US [non-licensed version]" to "Boot-US". Secondly, the menu command Help / About Boot-US... directly shows the current number of licenses and the licensee.