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Check independence and completeness

The boot manager Boot-US allows you to boot and use multiple operating systems independently of each other. This requires, however, that the operating systems have been installed independently and completely each into a separate partition. When a new operating system is installed (see chapter Tips / section Windows) this is automatically the case.

Frequently certain operating systems are already installed. Especially with Microsoft operating systems the standard installation of a second, third,... operating system does not result in an independent and complete installation into a single partition.


You must check whether an operating system installed in a primary partition can be booted independently from the remaining operating systems respective partitions (without using an external boot manager). For this check please follow the instructions below:
  • The partition to be checked has to reside on the first boot disk. If that is not the case, please interchange the order of the boot disks in the BIOS. Alternatively you could temporarily detach the disks residing before the one to be checked.
  • The primary partition to be checked has to be set active.
  • All other primary and logical partitions on the same disk must be true hid.
  • Restart the PC.
  • The partition to be check should start up successfully without using any external boot manager.

Recommendation: All partitions to be booted by the boot manager Boot-US should be checked whether they pass the above test. Partitions with operating systems which pass this test are installed completely and independently. They can be booted without problems by the boot manager Boot-US. Operating systems which do not pass this test and are to be booted by Boot-US, have to be repaired first.