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Double occupied sectors in track 0

It can happen that third-party programs store data in indiviual sectors of track 0. Especially some Adobe programs seem to store copy protection data in sectors of track 0. If the boot manager is installed in the MBR and the following sectors of track 0 it can easily happen in this case that a sector is occupied by the third-party program as well as by the boot manager.

Clearly such a double occupany will lead to problems, especially the boot manager will not start correctly any more.


When installing the boot manager into the MBR it is now possible to specify a sector which is occupied by a third-party program. This sector will then not be used by the boot manager.

The sector reserved for the third-party program is specified by the following parameter RESERVED_LBA in the file bmgrus.ini:
     RESERVED_LBA = <nn>
<nn> is the LBA sector number of the reserved sector.

Which sector has been modified?

The position of the double occupied sector can be determined as follow:
  • save track 0 immediately after boot manager has been installed in MBR
  • save track 0 after the third-party program has written data to the track 0 (and corrupted the boot manager)
  • compare the two backup files to see which sector has been changed