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Installing Windows multiple times on different disks (UEFI)

To install Windows 7/8/10/11 multiple times on different disks the following procedure should be employed:

  • Windows is installed on the first disk.
  • This disk is temporarily deactivated, for example by detaching the data cables. A second disk now appears as the first disk.
  • On this physical second disk (now appearing as first disk) Windows can be installed without problems.
  • The physical first disk is re-activated. Both disks are now available as before.
  • Windows on the first disk is booted (without support of Boot-US).
  • The configuration program Boot-US is started and the desired partitions on the first and second disk are included in the boot manager. Here the "individual true hiding of partitions" can be activated.
  • By the boot manager Boot-US Windows on the first and second disk can be booted. When the true hiding is is used the selected partition will be made visible while the other non-selected partitions will be true hid during the boot process.

Comment: When installing Windows in UEFI mode a EFI System partition (ESP) is created containing the efi file \efi\microsoft\boot\bootmgfw.efi. The actual Windows files lie in a separate partition. Windows (on disk 1 or 2) is booted by starting the corresponding efi file (on disk 1 or 2).