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Some ratings from experts (computer magazines, etc.)

The well-known computer magazine c't ( has delivered Boot-US with the second shareware CD 2000 and 2001.
Citation from c't 14/2001, S. 145 (translated): « A wizard executing under Windows guides the less experienced users to a well configured boot menu. »
Citation from c't 14/2000, S. 169 (translated): « This freeware has no problems switching to Windows 2000, where some other boot managers still have a tough time of it. »

Citation from PC-Praxis ( Issue 2/2000, p. 56 (translated):
« As very reliable has turned out the OS/2 boot manager, which is part of Partition Magic 3/4 (not 5!), and Boot-US, which is free for private usage. The latter has the advantage that it is installed and configured by a comfortable Windows user interface. »

PC Magazin:
Boot-US has been chosen as the download tip of the day by the free- and shareware section in the July 1999 issue of PC Magazin (

In the 09/99 edition of the german magazine PC INTERN ( you can find a comparison of Boot-US with other boot managers. Boot-US was the purchase recommendation of PC INTERN magazine as the product with the best price-to-value ratio. By comparing only under the "features offered" section Boot-US scored as the second best boot manager (out of nine boot managers in total).

Users responses

R. P. (May/2022) By the way your software is definitely top level. Great thanx for this masterpiece of software which helps me everyday in working with few systems.
P. B. (Aug./2015) I have a registered version of Boot-US and I am very pleased with it.
P. C. (July/2015) So many thanks for creating such simple useful tool: Boot-us.
M. J. D. I have to say I've been thoroughly impressed with the software. I've tested out several boot managers and yours is the only one that allows me to have Windows 2000 with NTFS as my main operating system on disk 1 with others (such as ME) on other disks. It's very easy to use, very configurable and very stable.
You've no idea of the weeks of headaches I've had previously trying to get a mutiboot system to work with my particular configuration and your software has resolved all those problems for me.
D. D. (Translated from german) First of all congratulations to your boot manager. It can finally do what others failed to achieve (and I have tried all managers from commercial (xxxx ...) up to many many shareware managers!).
T. G. (Translated from german) First of all congratulations to such a fine program. Not many programs in this sector are so easy to use and so clearly designed.
S. S. (Translated from german) I like the user interface of Boot-US much better than LILO and therefore I am now using Boot-US.