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Linux partition is recognized by Boot-US as non-bootable

Boot-US considers a Linux partition as non-bootable when the Linux partition does not have a valid boot sector. Such a partition is indicated as non-bootable by Boot-US. Boot-US requires a valid boot sector to boot that partition directly.

This problem of a missing boot sector can be easily repaired. It is only required to install the Linux boot loader, for example GRUB, into this partition (for example sda2). In the previous Linux tip 1 you can find a short introduction for installing GRUB.

Alternatively, if GRUB is installed in the MBR and is able to boot Linux, then you can also tell Boot-US to use the option "boot MBR with GRUB from disk x" for starting Linux. In this case the boot manager Boot-US starts GRUB which in turn starts Linux. The boot sector of the Linux partition can remain empty.