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System reserved partition on Windows 7/8/10

When you install Windows 7/8/10 on an empty disk then it is installed in two partitions: a small system reserved boot partition of size 100 - 350 MiB and the actual Windows 7/8/10 partition. Windows 7/8/10 is booted by the system reserved partition. This partition must be inserted into the boot manager. Additionally you need to make sure that both partitions are simultaneously made visible or true hid. In other words: you need to use the individual true hiding of partitions, hence you must specify yourself which partitions need to be true hid in each case. The system reserved boot partition is used primarily for a BitLocker encryption. If you do not make use of BitLocker then it is easier to install Windows 7/8/10 in a single partition.

When Windows 7/8/10 is installed in two partitions then the automatic true hiding cannot be used, since in this case only one of the two Windows 7/8/10 partitions would be made visible while the other one would remain true hid. In such a case booting does fail since the Windows 7/8/10 installation is not completely accessible.

To install Windows 7/8/10 in a single partition you can create the target partition and set it active before starting the installation. The installation will then be carried out into the active partition. Other primary partitions on the same disk should, as usually, be true hid before starting the new installation.

Also without that preparation of the disk it is possible to install Windows 7/8/10 in a single partition, for example see the following link:
The reference to this link was kindly provided by Jörg Staudte (