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Boot process with boot manager in MBR

When the boot manager of Boot-US is installed in the MBR, the boot manager becomes active in an initial stage of the boot process. When the computer is restarted the MBR of the first hard disk is loaded and executed. This procedure is still identical to the standard boot process. However the boot loader code of the MBR now does not contain the usual boot loader but the first part (LOADR-US) of the boot manager Boot-US. When executed, LOADR-US loads the main part of the boot manager (BMGR-US) und starts this main part (BMGR-US).

From this moment the boot process is identical to the boot process where the boot manager is installed on a primary partition. Thus the user selects one of the configured partitions and the boot manager loads and executes the boot sector of this partition. This will boot the corresponding operating system.