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Installation and update

Installation process

The installation of the package Boot-US is a two step process:
  • Installation of configuration program Boot-US (GUI)
  • Installation of boot manager
You first install the configuration program. This is a standard Windows installation. Then you use the configuration program to install a current version of the boot manager. You can use the configuration program also to access a previous version of the boot manager. All configuration programs can read the data of all previous boot manager versions.

The installation of the configuration program does not change the boot behaviour of the machine. Only the installation of the boot manager changes the boot behaviour.

If you have multiple Windows installations on your machine you can install the configuration program on each Windows installation. This allows you to access the boot manager from each Windows installation. The boot manager itself is installed only in a single instance on the machine.

Installed files

The installation program bootus_xxx_eng_install*.exe contains the configuration program Boot-US (GUI) as a Windows 32- or 64-bit program. This installation program runs under Windows XP to Windows 11. It installs the package Boot-US (GUI) in the respective version on your PC. The following files are copied to the chosen installation directory: hard disk
File nameMeaning
bootus.exe Configuration program Boot-US
german\bootus_chm.hlp German HTML help for Boot-US
german\lizenz.txt License information (german)
german\bestell.txt Information for ordering Boot-US (german)
english\bootus_eng.dll English resources for Boot-US
english\bootus_eng.chm English HTML help for Boot-US
english\license.txt License information (english)
english\order.txt Information for ordering Boot-US (english)
images\*.gif + *.bmp Sample background images
The command-line version of Boot-US is delivered in the file It contains the following files:
File nameMeaning
readme.txt Instructions for using bootusc.exe<
bootusc.ini Example INI file
bmgrus.ini Example setup INI for boot manager
dos32\bootusc.exe DOS command-line program
win32\bootusc.exe WIN32 command-line program
win64\bootusc.exe WIN64 command-line program


The recommended method for updating the configuration program and the boot manager is to install the new version simply over the existing old version. All new versions of Boot-US can read the data of all old versions. Installing on top of an existing version thus maintains all previous settings. It is not required to uninstall the old version before an update.

The update of the boot manager to a new version is a two step process:

  • Update of configuration program Boot-US (GUI)
  • Update of boot manager