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Boot manager BIOS


When booting by BIOS the boot manager Boot-US consists of a small x86 assembler program. The boot manager Boot-US will be installed either in the MBR of the boot disk 1 or a primary partition of the boot disk 1. Here the boot disk 1 is the drive which is configured in the BIOS as the start drive.

Additionally the boot manager can be installed also on diskette or on CD/DVD. In this case when starting the machine the corresponding drive must be selected as start drive in order to start the boot manager Boot-US.

Entries in boot manager

When installing the boot manager the following entries can be added to the boot manager:
  1. bootabale partitions of disk 1,2, ...
  2. booting from disk 1,2, ...
  3. booting from diskette
In the case 1. the boot sector of the partition is started. This will start the operating system belonging to the respective partition. This partition contains the boot system files, the actual operating system files could lie on the same or a different partition.

In the case 2. the MBR of the respective disk is started. For Linux installations the MBR often contains the boot manager GRUB. In this case Boot-US starts GRUB which then starts Linux.

In the case 3. the system installed on the diskette will be started.

Special functions of Boot-US

The boot manager Boot-US has the following special functions:
  • true hiding of partitions
  • boot from disk 2 (and higher)
  • password protection
The true hiding of partitions allows a completely separated operation of multiple Windows installations on one machine. When starting a certain Windows installation the boot manager Boot-US makes all partitions visible belonging to the respective Windows installation, and at the same time, true hides all partitions belonging to the other Windows installations.

Booting from disk 2 allows an easy installation of multiple Windows systems on a single machine. Each Windows system will be installed on a spearate disk. Upon start by Boot-US the corresponding Windows system is started directly from the respective disk without requiring to change the start order each time in the BIOS.

Passwords can be set for individual entries and for administrative commands of the boot manager.