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Boot-US short overview

Boot-US is a boot manager which allows the user an easy selection among all installed operating systems. Boot-US does not change any data on the installed operating systems. Boot-US starts all systems by the means used also by the respective system. Boot-US supports booting by BIOS and UEFI on x86 machines. The visual appearance and the operation of Boot-US is largely independent of the boot variant BIOS/UEFI.

The package Boot-US

The package Boot-US consists of a universal boot manager (fig. 1) and the accompanying configuration program for the boot manager.
Boot manager Boot-US
Fig. 1: Boot manager Boot-US

The configuration program Boot-US (GUI) is a standard Windows program. It runs under Windows XP to Windows 11 as 32 bit or 64 bit version. It recognizes whether Windows is installed in BIOS or UEFI mode, and thus uses automatically the appropriate variant of the boot manager.

Configuration program Boot-US (GUI)
Fig. 2: Configuration program Boot-US (GUI)

As a result of the separation in two programs the boot manager itself can be a small and simple program. The boot manager needs only handle the selection and booting of the desired operating system. The configuration program is the more complex component and, among other things, it is used to configure and install the boot manager. However, since the configuration program runs directly under Windows it offers the comfort of a graphical user interface. For example there are wizards guiding the user through the boot manager configuration process and there is extensive context sensitive online help.