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Purpose of boot manager

The purpose of a boot manager is to allow a user to boot different operating systems from the same PC (one at a time). Many operating systems contain an integrated boot manager, for example "BCD" (boot configuration database) on Windows or "GRUB" for Linux. The main disadvantage of these built-in boot managers is that they can be used only after the corresponding operating system has been started. After that the actually desired operating system can be booted. Therefore, in many cases, two boot processes are necessary to start the target operating system. Also the configuration of these boot managers often requires detailed system knowledge.

On the contrary the boot manager Boot-US allows the selection of the configured operating systems directly after starting the machine before any operating system is booted. Hence the boot manager Boot-US is faster and more flexible than the built-in boot managers. Additionally it is very easy to configure the boot manager by the Windows configuration program Boot-US.